The internet is littered with How-To advice for increasing retail sales. The advice usually revolves around a bunch of small changes, such as product placement, store displays, discount offers… You have heard it all before. More importantly, you have tried it all before, and it’s not working. Your sales are still plateauing, or worse. If you want to increase retail sales in a big way, you may need to make a big change. 

3 Ways to Increase Retail Sales in a Big Way

Any of the following five ideas may help your store get out of a financial rut. More importantly, they will widen your perspective to consider new approaches and out-of-the-box thinking. Changing your way of thinking and doing can greatly increase retail sales.

1. New Employee Training: Psychology 101

Instead of training your employees to be great salespeople, train them to be great influencers. This can include how they formulate questions, their tone of voice, body language, and more. It should also include how to read that same behavior in customers and how to react accordingly. It’s more about interactions than sales tricks.

The goal is to have your employees come across as friends, not salesmen. For instance, employees should stand at an angle or side by side the customer when answering their questions or helping them find something. This purposeful proximity makes the customer feel like the employee is working with them, not for their employer. These behavioral actions can influence emotional responses that lead to more sales and more loyal customers.

2. Location, Location, New Location?

This is definitely a drastic measure, but it could make all the difference. Everyone knows location is key to a brick and mortar business’s success. If you’re struggling to make sales, it could be for two big reasons: you chose the wrong location to begin with or something affected the value of your location. If the former, you may need to admit your mistake, cut your losses, and work toward finding a new location. If the latter, you need to consider what changed in your area to change the flow of customers. For instance, has crime gone up in the area? Has a superstore opened nearby? Once you identify the problem, you may be able to find a better location for your business. 

3. Counter-Intuitive Work Stations

Large retail companies are playing with the use of counters in their retail space. As an example, AT&T redesigned its stores to have very few if any counters. They also replaced cash registers with tablets that the employees carry around with them. The idea behind this is to get rid of any barriers between customers and employees. It also prevents employees from ‘hiding’ behind a counter to play with their phones. Of course, many retail stores, like clothing stores, need counters. But reconsidering how big they are or how counters are used can help motivate employees and improve buyer experience.

 Change is a Good Thing

Change can be scary, but it can also be invigorating. Changing how you do things or where you do them may give you the boost your company needs to succeed and grow. Don’t be scared to think outside the box. Don’t be scared to consider all your options. Be willing to change your mind to change your retail business for the better.

If you are scared your retail location isn’t working for your business, don’t stick your head in the sand. It never hurts to ask questions or to weigh your options. Review your retail space lease and look to see what other retail spaces are available that may be a better fit for your business.

If your retail business is located in the New England states or Florida, reach out to us, and we’ll help you figure out your retail leasing options.